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Meditation by the Sea

MantraVibes session combines two  of the most  effective  techniques to bring a listener to a state of deep relaxation and inner stillness:  Guided meditation and Sanskrit mantra recitation.  

MantraVibes session has  three stages:

To begin with, a  Certified Guided Meditation teacher will lead you to a deep relaxation state with a Centering guided meditation. 

In the next stage, as your mind is concentrated deeply, optimal benefits of listening to  Sanskrit mantras are received.  The healing effect of Sanskrit mantra is said to not only balance the mind and the body, but  extend even further to create harmony in the collective consciousness of society.

Finally, you are led by a  Certified Guided Meditation teacher to a state of normal awareness with a  Gratitude meditation.

This completes  the session. 

MantraVibes session starts with  calming an active mind to a deeply centered state that is grounded in the present moment making it receptive  to mantra,  proceeds to bringing optimal benefits of listening to  Sanskrit mantras while achieving higher state of consciousness and finally, opens your heart to acknowledge the blessings with gratitude.

To book your MantraVibes session please Click Here.

Conducted live online via Skype.

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